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Council okays row housing project despite neighbours’ objections

By Mark Squibb/April 21, 2022

Conception Bay South council has unanimously approved a new development in Kelligrews, despite objections from some residents.

Councillor Rex Hillier brought forward the motion that council approve an application, which the town received on February 28, for development of a six-unit row dwelling at 7 Pine Tree Road, subject to the installation of municipal water and sewer services at Pine Tree Road. Councillor Joshua Barrett seconded the motion.

Hillier did acknowledge the town had received some letters of concern.

“We’ve been through them, and we feel that, in looking at the pros and the cons, we’ll move forward with this recommendation,” said Hillier.

Ward 3 Councillor Gerard Tilley then took it upon himself to address the concerns that had been raised by residents.

“I just want to clear up some misconceptions,” said Tilley. “A lot of people, as soon as they hear the word ‘row-housing,’ they make reference to a certain particular type of housing, and I’d just like to quell people’s thoughts.”

He said that many people were concerned the building would be multi-storey.

“It’s in fact going to be single-story dwellings,” clarified Tilley. “I think it’s a good fit for the area. Some people had some concerns as well about property values going down. I’ve seen these types of housing units go up throughout CBS at least 15 or 20 times in the past 20 years and I’ve never seen a house in the surrounding neighbourhood lose appreciation of any kind.”

Tilley said there were also concerns about traffic congestion, as the new units would be near Hickey’s Funeral Home.

“Everyone is aware that it’s the local funeral home of Conception Bay South, so there are times where traffic can be a bit congested,” said Tilley. “But it’s not a seven-day-a-week, all-day thing, so I’m pretty confident that we can handle that type of building construction.”

Similarly, folks were concerned about additional traffic.

“Of course, with all building developments we have in Conception Bay South, the developer has to meet certain standards, and of course parking is one of them.”

Any drainage issues, said Tilley, would also be addressed by the developer.

Tilley also that said council could not deny an application simply based on who may or may not live in a future development.

“The town doesn’t have the authority to enforce or dictate who lives where, and what age people live where,” said Tilley.

Barrett added some quick thoughts before the matter was put to a vote.

“There is a need in our community to meet labour market demand and to provide affordable housing, and by approving this motion we’re doing both of those things,” he said.

The motion passed unanimously.

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