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The CBS Bluefins were rewarded for their hard work both in and out of the pool recently at the David Fry Provincial Championships in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Seventeen teams and 167 swimmers from across the Atlantic provinces came together to compete at the Dalplex located on Dalhousie University campus. Only seven Bluefins attended the meet but despite the small number, they showed up in a big way, coming home with 28 medals, 31 club records and numerous personal best times. Given the challenges over the past two years with Covid-19 restrictions, coach Alec Ralph was very pleased with the results. Up next for the Bluefins, Daniel Pearce will compete in the 2022 Speedo Eastern Championships, April 21-24 in Pointe Claire, Quebec. Pearce is only the 3rd swimmer in Bluefins history to qualify to compete in the competition. The seven Bluefins who competed in Halifax are, from left: Daniel Pearce, Emma Power, Amelia Smith, James Traverse, Elly Stafford, Rachel Slaney, and Logan Gosse.

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