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Paradise sets policy to allow commemorative benches

By Mark Squibb/November 18, 2021

Those who have approached the Town of Paradise in times past about dedicating a bench in a loved one’s memory only to be told the town does not have such a policy on its books may wish to bring their request back to the town hall.

“Here at the town, we have been receiving requests from individuals, groups, and organizations, to place a commemorative bench within the town as a legacy,” explained councilor Elizabeth Laurie.

The problem was that up until this week’s meeting, the town did not have a policy in place.

Council however voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a new policy to allow folks to dedicate benches in honor of a loved one.

The policy will provide a strategic approach to bench placement and guidelines to maintain consistency. Benches will be installed within designated open space areas.

“We’ve all been receiving request for these benches,” said Laurie. “We would really have liked to have rolled those out for the people requesting them, but we really needed a framework, so we’ve put together this policy, so now we have some consistency, and now we are ready for those people who want to come forward and dedicate a bench.”

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