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Paradise application leaves no room for discretion

By Kyle Reid | Oct. 15

There was little room for discretion of Town regulations when it came to the matter of an accessory building permit application during the last Paradise town council meeting.

Overall, it was a busy night for council’s planning and protective services committee as they moved to deal with several permits and orders during the Tuesday, October 6 regular meeting of council.   

In total, council dealt with four permit applications and ratified five orders, most of which had already been complied with.

The permit for an accessory building at 6 Corcoran’s Road generated the most discussion at the meeting, with councillor Sterling Willis noting that current Town regulations would not allow for the building to be constructed at the front of the lot, specifically that the building had to be set back 15 metres from the front of the property line.

“Every so often something like this comes to council, and with the regulations in place…people wouldn’t be allowed to build buildings in front of the building line,” said Willis. “It’s in keeping with the development of the whole area.”

“Development regulations basically,” added Mayor Dan Bobbett.

Councillor Kim Street added to the discussion, noting she had checked on the site and determined that despite the regulations, in this matter, there may have been room for discretion.

“I understand the regulations, I do,” said Street. “It’s unfortunate in this situation because it’s in an older, developed part of Paradise…I visited the site (and) I could see how it could work…but, unfortunately, regulations are regulations.”

The remainder of council members agreed that the regulations were to be followed in this case, voting unanimously to deny the permit.

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