Carbonear council baffled by hazardous waste move

By Mark Squibb

Carbonear residents looking to properly dispose of paints, pesticides, oils, batteries, and other hazardous household materials will have to drive some 30 minutes to Whiteway to do so.

The Eastern Regional Service Board (ERSB) last week named Branch in St. Mary’s Bay, Ferryland, St. Joseph’s, St. Shott’s, and Whiteway as hazardous waste collection sites.

Councillor Danielle Doyle, during this week’s public meeting, said several residents have complained about the decision to not name Carbonear as a collection site, and asked whether council could appeal the decision or request that Carbonear be named a collection site, as it has been in past years.

Mayor Frank Butt said he spoke with an ERSB representative upon hearing the news.

“I phoned after realizing that Carbonear was going to be excluded,” said Butt. “My concern is that people are going to leave their oil containers in their sheds forever, or they’re going to dispose of them improperly.”

Butt said the decision, besides being an inconvenience to residents, also means the fire department will be missing out on a stipend, as local fire halls are used as collection sites and are paid accordingly.

Deputy Mayor Sam Slade said that in the future, the Town ought to impress upon the ERSB the importance of Carbonear, dubbed the hub of the bay, as a collection site for the region.

“For people to take their waste and go to Whiteway isn’t common sense,” said Slade.

Collection will be held at the aforementioned community fire halls on June 8, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

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