Spaniard’s Bay council hopeful of a fix for New Harbour Road

By Mark Squibb

It’s a bumpy road in and out of Spaniard’s Bay – if you’re taking New Harbour Road, that is.
Council, however, is taking steps to see that the pothole problem is addressed.
During this month’s meeting, Town Manager TonyRyan noted the town had received three separate quotes for road repairs.
One was for patching only, the second was for patching and a partial repaving of the roadway, and the third was for a complete repatch and repaving of the full 1,600-foot length of roadway.
Ryan noted that should council go with the third option, it would be able to apply for gas tax funding for the project, an action he recommended.
Councillor Darlene Stamp moved that council submit the request, and councillor Eric Jewer seconded the motion.
Stamp noted the road, which serves as a main off ramp, has gotten really bad of late.
Mayor Dave Brazil concurred, noting the incline towards the highway is particularly bad.
Deputy Mayor Tammy Oliver said it was the first time council had seen the quotes, and wondered whether the application would interfere with other applications.
Ryan said the application will not interfere with any other capital works applications the Town has in the works. He added that quotes were required for the application process. Should the gas tax application be approved (Ryan said he had no doubt that it would) the Town would have to tender the work, and quotes could increase or decrease at that time.
Ryan pointed out the road was paved in two sections, one of which used pulverised materials, a process where old materials are ground up and mixed with new ones onsite, while the other section used new asphalt and bedding.
The pulverised section, said Ryan, is the problem area.

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