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CBS Kin Club thanks Cooperators Insurance & Investments

The CBS Kin Club is expressing thanks to Cooperators Insurance and Investments for a donation of $10,000. The money was cost shared between the company’s national and provincial offices, as well as Rhonda Nugent and Associates Inc., of CBS. “This money has and will continue to be used for a wide variety of programs, throughout the community,” said club member Rosie Cairns. “A donation of $2,000 has been presented to the Sammy Climbs Higher Foundation and there will be additional monies distributed to various charities at our Kin year end in June. Finally, with further help from Ledrew Lumber, the CBS Kin Club are constructing a Pavilion at Parson’s Field in Seal Cove.” On hand for the donation were, from left: Kin Club project chairman Lorne Morgan, Rhonda Nugent of Rhonda Nugent & Associates, and acting Kin Club president Dave Stone.

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