Bay Roberts hopes new ladder-unit will do it

By Mark Squibb \ April 28, 2023

The Town of Bay Roberts has submitted an application for a new aerial fire truck.

Council was informed during budget discussions that the Town’s 1992 Simon Duplex 75-foot aerial truck, which boasts a mechanically-operated extendable ladder, needed to be replaced. Council agreed to discuss the replacement of the truck further into the year. Those discussions have been held, and council is now ready to see the truck replaced.

“The vehicle has served the department well and has proved its capabilities during numerous structure fires in the region since its purchase,” said Mayor Walter Yetman. “Given the age of the vehicle and the complexity of the unit, it has become very difficult to find replacement parts, and it’s beginning to cost the Town a great deal to keep it in service.”

The plan, due to the high cost of purchasing and maintaining vehicles, is to replace both a 2003 pumper and the 1992 ladder truck with a new 75-foot ladder truck.

The report, written by Director of Public Services Justin Parsons, was submitted March 3 to meet a deadline that had been set by council.

“Hopefully government recognizes our need here and comes through for us,” said councillor Dean Franey, who moved the motion, which was seconded by councillor Silas Badcock.

The motion carried unanimously.

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