Eye in the sky coming to Paradise

If you look up in the skies above Paradise in the near future, a drone might just be looking back at you.

Paradise council approved the purchase of aerial imaging services during last week’s public meeting.

“The Town utilizes aerial imaging to analyze property information associated with development applications, compliance letter requests, and other property related matters,” explained Deputy Mayor Kim Street. “Mapping and graphics overlaid on ariel imagery provide a context to committee and council members for the decision making.”

Council had previously moved to purchase aerial imagining services back in 2021.

“The Town made a big advancement in our digital toolbox through the purchase of aerial imagery in 2021,” said Street. “Since that time, we have used the imagery to great advantage. The imagery has been used by all departments, as well as outside agencies and consultants when undertaking work for the Town. Examples include the Municipal Assessment Agency as well as engineering and landscape architecture firms retained by the Town to produce designs for recreation and public spaces.”

Street explained the aerial photography is best done in late April or early May , when snow is minimal and trees are not fully filled out, and it is likely this is when this year’s images will be taken.

The Town did not issue a request for proposals, instead choosing to stick with the previous suppler.

The service comes with a price tag of $22,150.

Councillor Deborah Quilty noted the imaging is a valuable asset to the Town, and beneficial to multiple departments.

“I think it’s good money well spent,” said Quilty.

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