Sidewalk program spreading in CBS

By Mark Squibb/July 22, 2022

Conception Bay South this past week awarded a tender valued at over $2.5 million to complete street paving and sidewalk creation.

According to the Town’s website, which councillor Gerard Tilley referred residents too, Dunns Hill Road (Conception Bay Highway to Overpass), Ledrews Road, Minerals Crescent, Doris Place, Neils Line (Topsail Rd to Squires Avenue) includes sidewalk, Jennings Place, Greslet Place and Chaytors Place will receive paving, while Route 60 will receive sidewalks in sections between Roberts Road South and Forest Road, Cole Thomas Drive and Andrews Road, Pond Road and Ledrews Road and from Millers Road to Mainsail Drive.

The 2022 Street Upgrading, Paving and Sidewalk Program tender was awarded to Dexter Construction in the amount of $2.595 million.

“I think its fantastic that we are continuing the sidewalk installation program that we started, I believe four years ago,” said Mayor Darrin Bent. “This will be our fifth year of sidewalks, mainly in school zones, but increasing safety in our school zones I think is key.”

The motion to award the tender was approved unanimously.

One thought on “Sidewalk program spreading in CBS

  • August 7, 2022 at 5:55 pm

    RE: Sidewalk section from Millers Rd to Mainsail Dr.

    This section serves the students from Topsail elementary walking east. However almost all the children live on the Millers Rd side. The section from Monument Rd to Millers Rd was put on the opposite ( Beach ) side of Rte 60 – the main highway.

    This was incorrect.

    Students walking to Millers Rd have to cross at the Post Office which has its visibility shielded by an unmaintained bank on the turn just east. Else they have to walk with their backs to traffic.

    But what ought to interest the rest of the Town is:
    (1) The Town is required to have this policy of installing sidewalks by the 2011 Town Plan. It is not the idea of any particular council.

    (2) The policy only applies to the one mile (1.6 km ) distance from a school not served by bussing.

    (3) Yet this error of placing a section on the wrong side has apparently been ignored by students, teachers, school board officials and councillors.

    (4) This information was conveyed to the Town and on the Election Facebook Page
    last September. It has been largely ignored if noticed at all.

    $2.4 million is a lot of money. More attention ought to be paid about how it is spent. Annoying construction delays during construction is not necessarily evidence of efficient spending of taxes.


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