You’d be hard pressed to buy an ice cream cone for just $1, but the community of Hant’s Harbour has purchased a second-hand pumper truck from Carbonear for just that price.

Carbonear council unanimously voted to sell the pumper truck to the community during its June 21 public meeting.

The move to sell the truck for $1 was a requirement for getting some $250,000 in provincial funding that Carbonear accepted for a new pumper truck back in 2019. That funding agreement required a transfer of surplus equipment for $1 to another community.

The new truck, valued at $360,000, arrived in Carbonear in November 2021.

Cost shared with the provincial government, the Town paid 30 percent, or roughly $140,000 for the new pumper.

Carbonear handed over the keys on its old truck Friday morning, July 8. From left to right are Carbonear councillors Peter Snow, Danielle Doyle, Chris O’Grady, Carbonear firefighters Richard Rossiter, Jim Harris, fire chief Adam Earle, Deputy Mayor Sam Slade, Hant’s Harbour Mayor Eric Tuck, and Hant’s Harbour firefighters Derrick Seward, Neil Penney, Rick Soper, and Carbonear-Trinity- Bay de Verde MHA Steve Crocker.

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