Carew to suss out beach volleyball at Niagara Falls

By Mark Squibb/July 8, 2022

Paradise councillor Glen Carew is heading to Niagara Falls on official council business.

Back in December of 2020, council committed $1.1 million to host the 2025 Canada Summer Games Beach Volleyball competition.

“Since that time, we have struck a subcommittee of council to oversee the construction of the beach volleyball venue,” explained councillor Elizabeth Laurie.

That subcommittee consists of councilors Larry Vaters and Carew, the Town’s Director of Recreation and Community Services and Director of Engineering Chris Milley, as well as Mayor Bobbett and Town CAO Lisa Niblock who are ex-officio members

“At this time, we have actually been invited to go to the Niagara Falls Summer Games to experience the event, and actually speak with the beach volleyball organizers, and councillor Carew will attend on behalf of council pending this evening’s motion,” said Lauire.

The trip will cost $3,000, and Laurie added the amount would not be taken out of Carew’s professional development budget, as he would essentially be council’s ‘boots on the ground.’

Carew spoke briefly before the vote.

“My understanding here is that there will be some great learning here on the infrastructure side of how these courts are built, and I’m looking forward to that,” said Carew. “Of course, I’m not looking forward to having to deal with Air Canada should there be any delays or cancellations somewhere along the way. But I’m looking forward to getting in there and getting a look and getting an understanding of what we have to do back here.”

Council voted unanimously to approve the trip.

It was not specified when Carew would travel, although the Games themselves are scheduled for August 6-21.

Laurie added that once the infrastructure planning is complete, the Town will strike a subcommittee for the event planning.

 “So, that includes myself as chair of this committee, and necessary support staff will be added to that subcommittee as well,” said Laurie.

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