Talk about close competition

By Mark Squibb/March 31, 2022

They say truth is stranger than fiction, and a string of coincidences that occurred at last week’s Carbonear council meeting prove that to be so.

Council was in receipt of permit requests from both a computer repair store and a home care business, both of which will operate out of 27 Goff Avenue. Councillor Danielle Doyle clarified that both businesses were indeed separate businesses that would operate out of the same building.

Next, council next fielded two more business permit applications from two separate businesses which will also operate out of the same building, in this case, 22 Goff Road, which is the former home of the Mariner Resource Opportunities Network.

Again, Doyle said there were two separate business under the one roof. Bot both businesses are massage therapists.

Councillor Chris O’Grady asked for clarification that indeed there were two separate message therapists that would be working out of the same building, which Doyle confirmed.

All approvals are conditional upon public response to publication of discretionary use notices, and approval from Service NL and other applicable government agencies.

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