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Street suggests Paradise and CBS team up to help food bank

By Mark Squibb/March 31, 2022

A letter to the editor from Paradise and CBS Food Bank chairman Peter Wells published March 3 caught the eyes of some members of Paradise council.

During council’s round table discussion March 15, councillor Larry Vaters encouraged residents to get involved.

“His letter noted how they need more volunteers, and cash and gift cards to keep the food bank operating, so I just wanted to encourage residents who have some time or who are able to contribute to the food bank in any way to consider giving to this extremely important service in our town,” Vaters said.

Deputy Mayor Kim Street suggested that Paradise and CBs could team up to aid the food bank in some way.

“I too, read the article in The Shoreline, about the Paradise and CBS Food Bank,” said Street. “It was really heartbreaking to read that they are in such a desperate situation. I guess I wanted to reach out to the town and to council and see if there was any way we could come together with the Town of CBS to help out in some way.”

The suggestion was not immediately acted upon.

Wells, in his letter, expressed amazement that “in an area of 50,000 people we cannot get more than 20 volunteers to assist.”

The letter indicated the food bank still receives many outdated items which have to be thrown out, a waste of both product and time, and that, with several Catholic churches closing in the area, large donations from congregations may cease.

The Food Bank, said Wells, was becoming unsustainable, as expenses outweighed revenue.

“We appeal to the communities of CBS and Paradise to come together again to assist us in keeping this vital service going,” Wells concluded in the letter.

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