Paradise anniversary committee planning in full swing

By Mark Squibb | April 8, 2021

Residents of Paradise have been offered a peek at the town’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

“The anniversary committee was broken down into three sub-committees, and meetings have taken place with the sub-committees and some planning has been done,” said Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Laurie during the April 6 meeting.

The three sub-committees, or focus areas, are storytelling, mural, and time capsule.

For the storytelling sub-committee, Laurie said residents have been selected to share their stories of Paradise throughout the years.

The mural sub-committee will oversee the creation of a mobile mural that will be moved to various parts of the town.

Finally, the time capsule sub-committee will oversee the filling of a capsule holding important town memorabilia which will be opened in years to come.

Laurie said the schedule of events for the remainder of 2021 is in the process of being reviewed and finalized. “There are a lot of great events being planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Paradise,” she said.

Mayor Dan Bobbett noted he is chairing the time capsule committee, and that he already has an idea for something he would like to see put into the capsule.

“One of the things that should probably go in is one of these masks,” he said to the amusement of council.

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