Paradise history: There’s an app for that

The Town of Paradise doesn’t have a heritage group. But it may soon have a heritage app.

The idea was floated by Councillor Sterling Willis about a year or so ago, and the app is expected to launch this spring or summer – just in time for tourism season.

“It preserves the history of the town,” explained Willis, who helped to collect a lot of the information himself.

He explained the app is extensive in scope, exploring as far back as the history of the very first settlers and how they made a living, and touching on how Paradise became Paradise.

As users travel across town, they will be able to read up on the history of notable people and places.

Users will be able to access the interface on the Town’s website, and also on the Pingstreet app. The work is being done by the town’s website and app provider eSolutions. Council budgeted some $5,300 for the project.

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