Paradise looks to Intelligent Futures to guide new strategic plan

By Mark Squibb/December 30. 2022

The Town of Paradise is strategizing.

During the last public meeting of 2022 held on December 20, council voted to award the contract for the development of the 2023-2027 strategic plan, a plan which will supersede the Town’s previous plan.

“In 2019, the Town implemented Your Paradise Plan 2022,” explained councillor Elizabeth Laurie. “The plan was prepared to guide the governance of management of the municipality as we headed into the 2020s. We captured the long-term priorities and set the overall direction for the Town. As such it has played a major role in the ongoing process of community building. The Town is looking to updating its current plan, and once again create a detailed, action-oriented plan.”

Rather than go to tender, the Town sought experienced consulting firms to lead the planning process, requesting comprehensive proposals that would prove each firm’s ability to execute the project.

“The new strategic plan will provide guidance, direction, and measurable goals to the Town for the next five years,” said Laurie. “The plan will be based on the community’s vision and feedback, with an assessment on the future needs of the community along with an understanding of the resource and fiscal implications. The plan is intended to be a core action plan that will strengthen the Town’s overall vision and goals and enhance the town’s capacity to better provide for the citizens of Paradise.”

Staff received 10 proposals, and each was graded on technical merit (50 points), methodology (30 points) presentation creativity (10 points), and price (10 points.)

Staff recommended council approve consulting services on the new plan to the highest-ranking firm, Intelligent Futures Inc. in the amount of $59,596, HST included.

“The current plan has served our town very well,” said Deputy Mayor Kimberley Street. “It has been a guiding light. And reading through this proposal, I can see that Intelligent Futures Inc. has some pretty impressive project experience in recent years. And I’m also looking forward to moving from a three-year to a five-year plan.”

The Town had budgeted $60,000 plus HST for the project.

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