Holyrood tackling Turbett’s Road upgrades

By Mark Squibb/October 7, 2022

Holyrood will spend $54,625, HST included, on infrastructure upgrades along Tubrett’s Road.

Council voted to accept the bid submitted by Buckles Contracting — the only one of four local companies to reply to the Town’s request for proposals.

Buckle’s Contracting is co-owned by councillor Curtis Buckle.

“This has been a problematic area for quite some time,” said Mayor Gary Goobie. “And rather than going back time and time again, we felt it best and prudent to invest money in this infrastructure and remediate and mitigate these problems from happening again. And it’s not just Turbett’s Road. Public Works committee is also looking at other areas of the community that have been problematic in the past, whether it’s water leaks or drainage issues, or what not. Because we have clearly recognized that climate change is here, and it’s real, and it’s going to take a lot of investment in the years to come, but it’s a step-by-step process, and obviously there’s only so much money to go around all at once.”

Tubrett’s Lane is the Woodford’s Station part of town.

The motion to accept the tender was approved unanimously and was followed by a motion to apply to the Gas Tax Authority in the amount of $54,625 to complete the upgrades.

“In order to award the tender, we’ve got to have the money to pay for it,” said councillor Sadie King. “So, the next motion deals with the money.”

King said that using Gas Tax funds will ensure the work gets done in the most cost-effective manner to Holyrood taxpayers.

Mayor Goobie reminded folks that Gas Tax funds are solely paid by the federal government, and do not come out of the town’s budget.

King’s second motion also passed unanimously.

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