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Eastern Waste anxious to meet with Harbour Grace council

Town of Harbour Grace Attn: Mayor Don Coombs

Dear Mayor Coombs, Councillors and Staff:

I am following up again with Council after seeing the recent article in The Shoreline News (March 24, 2022) where under the ‘No dumping’ headline on page 7, Mayor Coombs says, “that’s another reason the town is anxious to meet with officials of Eastern Waste Management to discuss problems with the operating hours of the regional facility in Harbour Grace.”

The Eastern Regional Service Board (the Board) is pleased to hear that Council wants to meet as the Board has been requesting a meeting with Council since 2020 to discuss ongoing issues at the waste recovery facility. L am enclosing copies of letters sent to the town dated September 18, 2020 and January 20, 2021as well as emails from (Town Clerk) Ms. Parsons confirming receipt of the letters.

Ms. (Amy) Parsons also confirmed that these letters would be tabled at upcoming Council meetings. These letters will once again draw your attention to the ongoing issues at the Harbour Grace Waste Recovery Facility (WRF). The Board continues to experience issues as outlined in the enclosed letters and we had hoped to work with the Town to determine a permanent solution to the prolonged and significant increase to the amount of illegal dumping and illegal access to the site. Our Board is dedicated to finding a resolution to these issues to ensure that we are operating in accordance with our Certificates of Approval, legislation, etc.

The Board would appreciate a response to acknowledge receipt of this letter as well as confirmation of whether or not your Council is interested in working with our Board to address the ongoing issues at the Harbour Grace Waste Recovery Facility.

If Council would like to have a discussion related to these continued issues, please provide us with a few dates and times that would be convenient for your Council so that we can schedule a virtual meeting with Board representatives.

Sincerely yours,

Harold Mullowney,Chairperson, Eastern Regional Service Board

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