Paradise releases payroll total

In its continued effort to increase transparency and accountability, Paradise council has released the Town’s payroll and benefits numbers for the first two months of the year. Paul Dinn, chairperson of Paradise council’s finance committee, tabled the numbers during his finance report for the benefit of his colleagues and residents in attendance in the gallery. “This is something new that we’re doing,” said Dinn. “It’s again in an effort to be more accountable (and) more transparent. This information in terms of payroll

and benefits is pretty much public knowledge anyway — it’s just that you have to dig a little deep to find it.” The payroll and benefits numbers for the month of January totalled $832,125. Dinn also released the numbers for February, which totalled $829,060. The numbers included the council stipends for the period. Dinn, who is also the chairman of council’s communications committee, has been actively working on efforts to increase transparency and improve communications between the Town and the residents of Paradise. “We’re going to on a regular basis bring this to light at all of our meetings,” said Dinn.

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