Harbour Grace needs Province’s okay to sell sea can and old truck

By Mark Squibb

During the May public council meeting, finance chairman Gordon Stone noted the volunteer fire department was selling a Town vehicle on council’s behalf.

The Town received one bid on the 2011 Suburban truck, valued at $5,001, from the Carmanville fire department.

Stone said the “peer market value” was quoted at $6,962, but the fire department was satisfied to sell at the bid price.

Council, however, would have to request permission from the provincial government to sell the vehicle.

Stone made a motion to that effect, which passed unanimously.

Mayor Don Coombs said that in its letter, the Town would emphasise the vehicle is going to be put to use by another fire department in hopes that will get a speedy response.

Coombs said the cheque will be written to the Town of Harbour Grace. Once it has received it, staff will then cut a check for the exact amount to give to the fire department, as the truck was initially purchased by the fire department out of its own coffers.

Council also approved the sale of a sea can, a massive shipping container built to withstand marine transport.

Council received two bids, and awarded the container to the highest bidder, Adam Sheppherd, who bid $4,750.

Stone noted the bid amount is actually above market value, but even so, the Town will still need to request permission from the provincial government to sell the sea can as it is Town-owned property.

That motion also passed unanimously.

Both the truck and sea can will be moved at the expense of their new owners.

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