Another 26 houses on Paradise’s priority list to get W&S by next year

By Mark Squibb

Paradise council last week awarded the contract for prime consultant services for the Bayview Heights water and sewer project.

Deputy Mayor Kimberley Street said when the request for proposals closed April 23 there were six submissions which were graded on technical and financial merits.

“All six submissions met the minimum technical requirements, and all financial proposals were opened and reviewed after the technical evaluation,” said Street. “The submissions were weighted based on 60 percent technical and 40 percent financial, and a total score of 100 was assigned.”

Meridian Engineering Inc., received the highest overall score, coming in at 87.31 precent, boasting a technical score of 52.50 and a financial score of 34.81. That bid was valued at $76,588 plus HST, and Street submitted it to council for approval.

Street noted the federal government has committed $609,000 to the project, of which $60,000 is for prime consulting services. The Town will cover the difference.
Councillor Glen Carew said this was a case where the cheapest option wasn’t necessarily the best option.

“We discussed this at committee, and the lowest-priced submission, which scored highest on the financial score, actually received the lowest technical score,” said Carew, who supported the motion at hand.

Councillor Larry Vaters said he “whole-heartedly” agreed with Carew, and then asked for a breakdown of all six submissions, which Deputy Mayor Street then provided.

She added that construction is set to commence in 2025.

Council voted to award the contract to Meridian.

Aside from Bayview Heights, the Town has secured funding to complete Stephen Road and Neary Road in 2024 and Drover’s Road, Carberry Place, and Windmill Road in 2025.

A total of 26 homes will receive water and sewer services once all six roads are completed.

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