CBS council up the budget for Chanterelle playground

By Mark Squibb

CBS council this week voted to purchase $71,500, HST included, worth of new playground equipment from Canoe Procurement for the Chanterelle Drive Playground off Fowlers Road.
Councillor-at-large Joshua Barrett, who brought the motion forward, noted council had committed up to $50,000 for new equipment for the playground in Budget 2024, but increased that figure upon further review.
“We wanted to ensure we had quality equipment there that would serve the residents appropriately,” said Barrett, who added that council is hopeful the new equipment will be installed by summer.
“I know residents on Chanterelle Drive have been advocating for this for a while, and I actually just got an email 10 minutes ago, while we were meeting, from a resident about this, and so I’m sure they’ll be really pleased about this this evening,” said Barrett.
Deputy Mayor Andrea Gosse agreed.
“This has been brought forward over and over, and we’ve been talking about this, and when we looked at the options for play structures, we decided, ‘If we’re going to do this, let’s do this right,’” said Gosse. “And so, we dug a little bit deeper, and I hope the residents of Chanterelle Drive and the surrounding area will be pleased.”
The motion passed unanimously.

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