Holyrood scraps the app

By Mark Squibb

Didn’t download the Town of Holyrood app? Not too many did, as it turns out.
As a result, council has decided to scrap the app, reported communications committee chairperson Laura Crawley last week.
“There were less than 40 users on it, for a town of 2,800— very few,” said the councillor. “And the updates weren’t always coming as bright and communicated as clearly as we would have liked, and so we are looking into other options.”
Crawley said when staff have more information on alternative communication measures, it will be released to the public.
“We are working on our external communications policy, and this is a part of it,” she added. “We are trying to collect and gather information about what is the best way to contact residents, and we’re hoping to find a better platform to do that.”
In the meantime, Crawley is encouraging residents to check the Town’s website and social media channels for up-to-date information.
The app was meant to provide residents with instant updates on things such as service delays or traffic impediments.

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