Letters to the Editor

Holyrood Heritage group grateful for coverage

Dear Editor:
Permit me on behalf of the Holyrood Heritage Society Members, with every bit of sincerity and enthusiasm, to send our appreciation to you and reporter Chad Feehan for the coverage in The Shoreline newspaper of our unveiling event.
I wasn’t with Chad the whole time, but the article certainly proved his attention to the subject matter. His research and interviews with the artists, John Woodman, Tom Metcalfe and Gail Squires were done with genuine focus and then the ability to put it into an eye-catching headline and superb story! Wow.
We have received many calls of congratulations, which I must say is quite complimentary as people do not take the time anymore to express complimentary opinions. Some of the expressions we heard are: ‘Where did those two artists come from?’ ‘When is the gallery going to open?’ ‘The eye catching headline and story content.’ Even a comment to say, “I didn’t know the Shoreline is Newfoundland’s largest circulation newspaper. ‘The photo was gorgeous,’ and on and on.
We work on all aspects of curating and have fun doing so. Our guests are always complimentary and gracious for what we accomplish.
Thank you both again, and rest assured we will keep you up to speed on developments and a special invite to follow along with openings.
With very best wishes!
Linda Fraser & Members, Holyrood Heritage Society

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