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Sniff and the Tears

Ward 3 councillor Gerard Tilley had a ‘hang down your head Tom Dooley’ moment at the public council meeting in Conception Bay South on March 5. Tilley, the coach of a team of former Holy Spirit High hockey all stars, lost a bet with Deputy Mayor Andrea Gosse, whose old-timers from her alma mater, Queen Elizabeth High, beat the Falcons in the annual Over 40 grudge match played every Winterfest. The bet called for the backer of the losing squad to don a jersey from the side of the winner. Tilley gave the Pioneers sweater a good sniff to check for a hum before hauling it on. There is an unwritten rule in many such bets that the winner picks out the smelliest sweater of a bunch for the loser to wear. However, Gosse gracefully made sure this jersey was washed before lending it to Tilley. Mayor Darrin Bent, right, took great delight in Tilley’s predicament. Craig Westcott photo

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