‘Sell your hot dogs here!’

By Craig Westcott

The Town of CBS has issued a call for expressions of interest from entrepreneurs who might like to corner the market on concessions at Topsail Beach and the new community park in Long Pond.
“We’ve been going back and forth the past couple of years to try to come up with an Expression of Interests (call) for mobile food truck vendor opportunities,” recreation committee chairman Joshua Barrett said last week. “We floated this out last year and we’re doing it again this year and what we’re interested in seeking is vendors particularly for the summer months at Topsail Beach and at the community park. It’s worth noting the community park actually has a vendor placement (kiosk) right by our outdoor stage, not anywhere else, it’s a designated spot.”
Barrett said the Town realizes this is the period when vendors are setting their priorities for the summer.
“And by all means, the Kelligrews Soiree (too), we welcome all vendors to come out and serve the residents and tourists for our community,” he added. “This is what this Expression of Interest is intended for.”

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