Province digs deeper for Spaniard’s Bay underwater survey

By Mark Squibb

The Town of Spaniard’s Bay has received $2,700 from the provincial government to help cover the cost of a bathymetric survey of Kelly’s Pond, known locally as Spider Pond, the water source for Spaniard’s Bay and neighbouring communities of Upper Island Cove and Bryant’s Cove.
Each winter, ice builds up in the pond, which causes the water near the intake to freeze.
Last spring, the Town made an application to the Province to hire an engineering firm to complete a report and offer recommendations on how to address the problem. The government agreed to cover 90 percent of the $13,715 price tag.
WSP E&I Canada, the firm hired to do the job, advised the Town last November that it would need to survey the pond’s depth and map the pond’s floor in order to complete a report.
Council voted in November to request the extra money needed to cover the cost of the survey.

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