More development on the books for Kelligrews, Seal Cove

By Craig Westcott

The latest and last phase of the Lawrence Pond Estates development in Seal Cove got the go ahead from CBS council this week, clearing the way for a 23-unit subdivision to be built at 2-10 Comerfords Road.
This will mark phase eight of the development. Council agreed to let the developer proceed with a variable building line setback from the street.
“The (planning) committee is happy to see that this development is now progressing,” said planning committee chairman and Ward 3 councillor Gerard Tilley. “This is the next and final phase of the development for Lawrence Pond Estates and will involve construction of a new cul-de-sac street off Comerfords Road between Route 60 and Maya Place. This development will include smaller, semi-detached homes that will be targeted to our aging population. We’re also happy to note that before this phase is ready for occupancy, the developer will be installing the playground equipment for the subdivision near Tamara Place and Augustus Avenue.”
In other development news:
● Lux Beauty Bar at 2571 Topsail Road in Chamberlains has been cleared to serve alcohol to its clients. Two councillors declared a conflict of interest on the vote – Ward 3 councillor Gerard Tilley, because he has a relative who lives in the area, and Councillor-at-large Joshua Barrett, because he lives on a nearby street.
“This is not a situation where somebody is opening a new bar in the area,” said Councillor-at-Large Rex Hillier. “There is an existing business there, a spa and they just wish to serve alcohol while people are doing spa things.”
“You’re not going to expand on what the ‘spa things’ might be?” asked Mayor Darrin Bent, grinning.
“I don’t do spa things,” said Hillier, laughing.
“Don’t you?” said Bent. “I wouldn’t have known that councillor Hillier.”
The motion to approve the application passed unanimously.
“It’s unfortunate that I can’t comment on that,” cracked councillor Tilley, once he returned to his seat after the vote. “I’ll leave it at that.”
● Council rejected an application to operate a dog boarding and dog daycare business as a home occupation at 21A Shetland Place near Lawrence Pond, in Seal Cove.
“Unfortunately, our regulations prohibit a pet sitting service as a home-based business within the Residential Medium Density zone,” explained councillor Tilley.
“Okay, so it’s not discretionary,” said Mayor Bent. “Even if we wanted to approve it, we wouldn’t have the right under our regulations?”
“That’s correct,” said Tilley.
●The Town is referring an application to rezone land at 2 – 10 Buckleys Path close to the back land in Kelligrews to the Department of Municipal Affairs to see if the Province has any interests in the development that is proposed to go there.
“The committee considered the written submissions and the discussions that were held at the public information session on February 1,” said Tilley. “The committee also considered the nature of the applicant’s similar developments in the town and determined that many of the concerns may not come to realization. This proposal will add 15 affordable homes to the town. That is a market segment that is in great demand right now. That demand will likely increase as more long-time residents of the town choose to downsize in their later years so that they can live without worry and responsibility that comes with home ownership.”
Tilley said that once the file comes back from the province, council will still have to make a decision on whether to adopt the rezoning, and if so, there will be a formal hearing chaired by an independent commissioner to hear public concerns.

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