Paradise ramping up sidewalk construction

By Chad Feehan / Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Walkers in parts of Paradise will soon be a little safer as council has approved contracts to install curb and concrete along sections of three roadways.
The first sidewalk will stretch from 1278 Topsail Road, near McDonald’s Restaurant, to the boundary with Mount Pearl. Councillor Patrick Martin notied that when it’s completed, that will mean there is an almost continuous sidewalk on Topsail Road all the way to the St. Thomas Line.
Another stretch will begin from the existing sidewalk at 39 Paradise Road to Milton Road, which Councillor Deborah Quilty said will bring the Town closer to having sidewalks on both sides.
A sidewalk is also slated for installation on Glenderek Drive, running from Lanark Drive to Topsail Road, and the work will also include an upgrade to the street’s storm sewer.
“This section of sidewalk is an important active transportation asset, providing pedestrians with a safe link between Adams Pond Trail, Octagon Pond Trail, and the T’Railway beyond,” Quilty said. “This project aligns with the Town’s strategy to invest in appropriate new infrastructure, to keep pace, and to facilitate growth.”
Councillor Patrick Martin noted the Glenderek Drive upgrades as something he brought forth to Council some time ago, before having to make some tough decisions in prioritizing municipal work.
“It’s going to be great for safety for the walking public, and will also align with building trail connections for the two ponds,” he said. “Last year we had to cancel one of the pedestrian islands going across Topsail Road but hopefully someday in the future we’ll be able to get that done.”
Councillor Larry Vaters was enthusiastic about Glenderek Drive as well.
“It’s an active trail that connects two very important and well used trail systems within the town and beyond,” he said. “Upgrading the storm sewer in that area and putting in a sidewalk will help people feel safer as they’re walking along… It’s good for the area, and it’s good fundamentally for the people in the town.”
Quilty said the work is part of the 2024 street capital works program. The 2024 budget, she added, places emphasis on street maintenance, and the capital budget was reduced while the maintenance budget was increased.
“The committee decided to recommend three new sections of sidewalk to use the majority of the 2024 street capital budget and improve the conditions of roads on the condition assessment list using the street maintenance budget,” she said.
Deputy Mayor Kimberley Street said she noticed an increase in number of people walking in recent years.
“It’s important to complete the continued sidewalk in this area to support safety,” she said.

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