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Paradise expropriates site of future sewer line

By Chad Feehan / Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

A plot of land on Devaughn Street near Neil’s Pond is set to be expropriated by the Town in order to facilitate the future installation of a sewer connection between that road and Yellow Head Drive.
After receiving approval from Municipal Affairs Minister John Haggie, Paradise Town Council decided to go ahead with the expropriation at a council meeting just last month.
Councillor Deborah Quilty said the move is in accordance with the Urban and Rural Planning Act and will total 329.7 square meters of land.
Councillor Larry Vaters clarified the expropriation is related only to the sewer connection, and not to the entire planned roadway between the two existing streets.
Chief Administrative Officer Lisa Niblock said the sewer connection would be implemented by whatever developer works on the land in the future.
“For the benefit of the Town,” added Councillor Quility in response.
Requesting further clarification, Carew dictated the situation to the room as he understood it.
“The expropriation, in my understanding, happened because there’s two property owners. The expropriation would happen so that a sewer connection could be made on one property that the developer on the other property didn’t have access to,” he said.
“That’s correct,” replied Mayor Dan Bobbett. “The reason why the Town is involved is because of the greater good of the Town.”
“That connection would have to be made by the developer that will now have access to the land via expropriation,” said Carew.

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