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Holyrood pit bull owner remains at large

By Mark Squibb

A Holyrood man charged with allowing his dogs to roam, posing a potential threat to others, remains at large.

Provincial Court Judge Harold Porter issued an arrest warrant in early November after Ronald Dwyer missed two court appearances in one week. Dwyer was to appear in court to answer to charges against him involving his dogs, which people in the area say have killed other animals. The fate of the dogs was also to be settled in court.

An RCMP media relations officer confirmed this week that Dwyer remains at large and is yet to be arrested. The spokesperson could not for sure say whether RCMP had made any contact with Dwyer since the arrest warrant had been issued. The task remains with Holyrood RCMP.

Holyrood council addressed the matter during a council meeting held on September 12 after a cat was allegedly mauled and killed by two of the dogs in the Woodford’s Station area.

Shortly after, on September 22, the RCMP announced that a 44-year-old man would be facing charges under the Animal Health and Protection Act “following numerous reports of an untethered dog harming other animals and causing concern for residents in the area of Woodford Station Road in Holyrood.”

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