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Hillier issues annual advice to get a permit

By Mark Squibb

CBS councillor Rex Hillier is advising to get a permit before getting any work done, or you may face consequences.

Hillier brought the matter forward during council’s December 19 public meeting.

“Perhaps this is a good time for me to have my annual rant about people getting permits to do work on their property,” said Hillier, who chairs council’s planning and development committee. “When we get permits, we keep track of changes on properties and so on, and it’s sent off to the Municipal Assessment Agency (MAA) and it’s reflected in the tax roll.”

Hillier noted that if the Town’s records and the MAA’s don’t match, there could be consequences.

“There are a lot of people who do a lot of work without said permits, and as a result get themselves in their own trouble and it costs them a whole lot more than it costs in extra taxes that they would incur,” said Hillier. “I would encourage anyone who is doing any property change in the town to make application for a permit.”

Mayor Darrin Bent concurred, adding it’s cheaper to do things right the first time around.

Meanwhile, council also considered a number of new development permits during the meeting.

The first was an application for a swimming pool and related structures, which council refused because its cumulative lot coverage exceeded that which is allowable.

Council also refused an application to build a home on Ploughman Place as the proposed home would front onto Hickory Place, which is not constructed to Town standards.

Council voted to defer an application for a fence on Ewings Road due to conflicting property surveys identified by the applicant.

Council then moved to undertake initial consultations on the proposed re-zoning of 2-10 Buckleys Path, Kelligrews, from Residential Low Density to Residential Multiple Unit to accommodate development of a multi unit apartment development of approximately 20 residential units. The developer will have to pay a fee and deposit before the Town will actually file the application to change the zoning.

“This is the very first step in having a look at an application for rezoning in that area,” said Hillier, who added the rezoning is not a done deal yet.

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