Hands of Spaniard’s Bay council tied because of bus route

By Mark Squibb
December 8, 2023 Edition

A request from a Tilton resident to reconfigure Reddy’s Road to address speeding concerns did not pass muster with Spaniard’s Bay council.

Councillor Eric Jewer explained to council during the town’s November meeting that the public works committee had been asked to review a letter from a resident of Reddy’s Road in Tilton regarding concerns with traffic and excessive speeding.

The resident had requested the Town consider turning the road into a one-way street or making it a cul-de-sac.

Jewer said the committee members, after reviewing the application and having a look at the area, recommended keeping the road as is on the basis that it is a school bus route and there is no place to adequately install any kind of a turnaround.

“If there’s a problem with speed, residents can contact the RMCP, and the Town can reach out to the RCMP with a complaint that there is speeding in the area,” added Jewer.

The public works chairman noted the Town is looking at hiring an enforcement officer in the new year, and should that come to pass, the officer can keep an eye on Reddy’s Road.

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