Whittling it down

By Chad Feehan
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
December 1, 2023 Edition

The Town of Paradise is one step closer to finishing its water and sewer priority list, as the 2023-2026 multi-year capital works funding agreement has just been approved by council.

All told, Paradise will have just over $6.4 million to spend on capital works over the next three years, with most of it coming from the Province, and the Town providing over $1.7 million for its share. The money is separate from other provincial and federal funding programs that Paradise may be able to tap into to spend on infrastructure.

Within the allocated budget of this agreement, meanwhile, the work to build a new Lift Station No. 10 project will see some $3.1 million of the funding. The Carberry Place water and sewer project will eat up nearly $1.45 of the money, while the Drover’s Road water and sewer project is slated for $1.8 million. Those two streets are on the Town’s longstanding priority list for Town services. Deputy Mayor Kimberley Street commended council and staff for whittling down the project list year after year.

Councillor Deborah Quilty said she was glad to see funding for Lift Station No. 10, which has been a thorn in the Town’s side since enduring a catastrophic rupture in 2019. She was also happy to see money earmarked for the water and sewer priority list.

“Our list is dwindling down very very quickly, and it seems like we’re getting closer to the end of it every year,” she said.

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