CBS and feds split cost of clean energy action plan

By Mark Squibb
December 1, 2023 Edition

CBS council has granted approval to hire Fundamental Inc., for the completion of a study it’s calling “Clean Energy Analysis: Opportunities, Gaps and Action Plan.”

In plainer English, that means the consultant will look for ways the Town of CBS can encourage businesses to produce or participate in the production of clean energy, such as solar, wind and hydroelectricity.

The cost of the study and plan is $36,690 plus HST. The price will be split 50/50 with the federal government.

“This is an initiative which will be very valuable as we position ourselves to capitalize on the innovative opportunities within the clean energy sector at both a municipal and regional level,” Councillor-at-Large Paul Connors, told his colleagues at last week’s meeting.

Connors said the plan will be a key asset in diversifying and expanding local business opportunities.

Councillor-at-Large Joshua Barrett said he was excited about the plan.

“I know we’ve been chatting about such a plan for some time, and I think, moving forward, this has the potential to be a very strategic piece of work for us,” said Barrett. “I believe that moving forward and developing this sector in our town could pay dividends in the future. So, I’m certainly looking forward to what they might recommend through this plan.”

The motion passed unanimously.

Clean, or renewable, energy is typically defined as energy produced from renewable, zero emission sources. Examples include solar energy, wind energy, and hydroelectric energy.

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