That’s a wrap

By Mark Squibb
November 24, 2023 Edition

Holyrood council last week voted to dissolve an operational review committee it had formed in conjunction with consultant Pat Curran earlier this year.

Curran had been hired to review the Town’s operations and make recommendations. His two reports were presented to council earlier this fall.

“The operational review committee has completed its required activities, and its mandate has been completed,” said councillor Steve Windsor. “Mr. Curran’s report has been accepted, and so the motion here before you is to dissolve the committee formally.”

Mayor Gary Goobie applauded the work of the committee and of council in general.

“We certainly had a great report, and we are now diving into the details of that report,” said Goobie. “From what I’ve heard from residents in the community, they’re satisfied with the layout of the operation review and the comprehensive details. I don’t think Mr. Curran left a stone unturned. Some may agree with some things, some may disagree, but it was his findings and the people’s report. It’s what we heard from our residents. So, even though the committee will be dissolved after tonight, the work of the operational review will continue.”

Council contracted Pat Curran & Associates at a cost of $20,930, in January 2023 to complete the review. In his report, Curran found Holyrood to have more managers than other municipalities its size and made 20 recommendations. Some of those recommendations included combining the roles of Chief Administrative Officer and Business Development and Marketing Coordinator, and revising staff pay scales to bring them more in line with similar sized towns.

Council was able to move on one of the recommendations when it promoted former Business Development and Marketing Coordinator Marjorie Gibbons to the position of CAO following the retirement of former longtime administrative head Gary Corbett and making her responsible for both roles.

The operations review committee included councillors Windsor, Bruce King, Curtis Buckle, and Mayor Goobie.

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