Paradise shakes up its snowclearing priorities

By Chad Feehan
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
November 24, 2023 Edition

The Town of Paradise has revised its snow clearing policy for the 2024 winter season.
According to Councillor Patrick Martin, the most notable changes to the policy include sidewalk clearing priorities, inclusion of Metrobus route 30, timelines for street clearing and widening, and changes to routes to make for more efficient clearing operations.
Martin said the last revision to the policy was in January of 2021, due to the addition of the new junior high school.
“Over the past month staff have completed an extensive review of crucial aspects of snow clearing” he said. “Having a comprehensive snow clearing policy in place will help ensure smooth operations and provide better service during the winter season.”
Martin added much of the advice about the changes came from staff.
“These are people out clearing our streets every day, they know the routes better than anybody,” he said.
Deputy Mayor Kimberley Street thanked residents for their input, which was also taken into account for the revisions.
“I am confident the improvements will be noticed,” she said.
The changes will go into effect on December 4th of this year.
Councillor Glen Carew noted the Town “may have set some unrealistic expectations” regarding sidewalk clearing for residents, and highlighted there have been modifications in that respect.

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