CBS takes measures to collect unpaid taxes

By Mark Squibb
November 17, 2023 Edition

Conception Bay South council last week approved two measures to help staff trying to recoup unpaid taxes owed to the Town.

The first motion was to give approval to proceed with power of sale authority for non-payment of taxes on a list of identified properties.

The second motion was to give approval to staff to send a number of accounts to the collection agency Credit Recovery Limited for collection due to a non-payment of taxes.

“These are the absolute, last-ditch attempts after a long, long list of efforts by our staff to either contact people to even make a suitable arrangement to get something in regard to what’s owed in taxes,” said Mayor Darrin Bent. “So, we’re at the end of the line when we go to these measures.”

Councillor-at-Large Paul Connors added that staff resort to such measures only when they have no other options, while Deputy Mayor Andrea Gosse noted council is legislated to take action.

The two motions were approved unanimously, excepting that councillors Shelley Moores, Rex Hillier, and Gerard Tilley were not in attendance and thus did not vote.

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