Bay Roberts to re-open pit for leaves collection

By Chad Feehan
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
November 17, 2023 Edition

The leaf bag drop-off at the Bay Roberts Town Pit is closed for the season, but the steadily browning leaves are still falling to the ground.

Councillor Dean Franey raised the issue at council Tuesday after having had it brought to his attention by a resident on November 2nd, one day before the service closed for the season.

It’s a catch-22 situation: the drop-off is closed, but garbage trucks won’t take leaf bags either.

“If you drive around there’s still lots of leaves on the ground, and still some on trees,” Franey said.

Councillor Perry Bowering agreed the disconnect is frustrating.

“Only the other day I helped my uncle,” he said. “He had some branches… What are you going to do with them?”

Mayor Walter Yetman acknowledged the fact this is not a new discussion for the Town, and saw the logic in the sentiments put forth.

“I agree one hundred percent, there’s lots of clean-up yet,” he said.

Franey suggested opening the pit once a month on Saturdays, but council instead resolved to open it for a half-day on the next two Fridays.

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