Paradise revokes repair permit after resident demolishes entire home

By Mark Squibb
November 3, 2023 Edition

A Paradise resident has had his renovation permit revoked after demolishing the home instead of renovating it.
Deputy Mayor Kimberley Street, during last week’s public meeting, explained that a renovation permit had been issued to a resident for renovation of a home on Three Island Pond Road.
Service NL, on September 19, informed the Town that the existing dwelling had actually been demolished, which Street said was contrary to the permits issued by both Service NL and the Town.
“Staff completed an inspection on September 19, 2023, and confirmed the dwelling had been removed,” said Street. “The Town had not authorised the demolition of the dwelling. The renovation permit must, therefore, be revoked. The applicant has been notified to stop all work on the property and a new application for development approval is required for review and decision should the applicant wish to construct a new dwelling.”
Council voted unanimously to revoke the permit, which was for renovation and construction of an extension on the existing home.
There was no discussion on the matter, though Mayor Dan Bobbett noted the motion was “self-explanatory.”
Council also voted to rescind two previous orders of council. One order had been issued to a resident of Milton Road who had rented out an apartment the Town said had been constructed without a permit. The resident has since brought the apartment into compliance with Town regulations, and council rescinded it’s original order, issued earlier this fall, to shut down the apartment. The second order had been issued to a resident of Tranquil Place whom the Town said had built concrete pillars too close to their boundary. The pillars have since been relocated, and so council rescinded the order, voted on in December of 2022, to remove them.

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