Butlerville ballfield to be brought up to tournament standard

By Mark Squibb
October 13, 2023 Edition

Bay Roberts council approved the purchase and installation of new fencing at the Butlerville softball field.

Mayor Walter Yetman noted that council earmarked $45,000 in Budget 2023 for improvements to the ballfield.

Yetman explained that Recreation Director Dave Tibbo met with the Butlerville user group and Softball NL on how to best improve the field and bring it up to tournament standards.

“The consensus of all was to extend the field all over to 235 feet, with a higher fence of 10 feet,” said Yetman. “The Director listed three quotes for the purchase and installation of 410 feet of fencing, and the lowest of the three quotes was from Provincial Fence Products at a cost of $28,763.”

Any funds left in the budget following the fence construction will be used to make further improvements to the ballfield, including the purchase of new silica sands.

“This is great to see,” said Yetman. “Improvements to that ballfield will bring it up to regulation, which makes it an area for holding tournaments and bringing more people into the town, which is good for the community of Butlerville as well.”

Yetman said the old fence, once removed, may be used elsewhere in town.

The motion to approve the purchase passed unanimously.

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