Where’s the recreation plan, asks Carbonear councillor

By Mark Squibb
September 29, 2023 Edition

Carbonear councillor Danielle Doyle requested an update on the Town’s forthcoming Recreation Master Plan during this week’s public council meeting.

“I was under the understanding that there was a draft,” said Doyle. “But it hasn’t been shared with council. I haven’t seen a copy of it, and it’s been quite a while now.”

Doyle then asked whether council should expect to see a copy of the plan soon, and whether there will be a presentation of the plan for council.

Recreation committee chairman, councillor Malcolm Seymour, said the plan will be brought to council for review before being released to the public.

“And that’s something we’re going to be doing in a very short while,” said Seymour. “At our next recreation meeting, we may set a date for that.”

Recreation Director Rob Button said the plan has been completed, and that staff are awaiting a final draft.

He added that he would check with the consultant this week for an update.

The town hired Tract Consulting Inc., to create the plan back in November.

Tract was required to seek community feedback during the development of the plan, which it did through surveys and in-person forums.

The plan will establish the Town’s recreation priorities for the next decade.

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