Holyrood councillors disturbed by night creepers

By Craig Westcott / September 29, 2023 Edition

Some seniors and others in the Marina Shores and Rourke’s Road areas of Holyrood are feeling a little fearful after reports of people checking doors in the wee hours to see if homes are unlocked.

“People are very concerned about it because there’s nothing worse than going to bed at night and thinking that there is somebody out roaming around on your property, checking the doors of your house, checking the doors of your garage, checking the doors of anything, your car, something you’ve paid a lot of money for,” said councillor Bruce King, who chairs council’s public safety committee. “It sets a sense of fear within people. And the most vulnerable people here in Holyrood are the seniors.”

King said a senior lady who lives alone recently visited his home because she is so scared by the thought that people roaming around properties at night.

“It is terrible,” said King. “It’s beyond terrible, it’s disgusting.”

King said council has talked with the RCMP and the force has agreed to hold a public information session where two auxiliary constables will offer advice on how to protect your property.

“As soon as we coordinate a time and a place, we will let people know,” King added. “And it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. I think that will set a lot of people’s minds at ease. And I will put it out to these people who are doing it, that people are well aware of it and they’re not going to put up with it.”

Councillor Curtis Buckle said council has a great working relationship with the RCMP and reiterated King’s message to report any incidents to the police.

“When complaints come in, they put them all together and they send their services where they’re required,” Buckle said. “So, if people are not bringing it to their attention, it’s not going into the queue over at the RCMP so they don’t know what’s on the go. They’re not watching these social media sites. It’s very important for people to call and report when they see things. And like Councillor King said, there are seniors who are fearful of living in their houses by themselves.”

Buckle complimented the detachment’s two auxiliary constables for being so willing to help.

“Before people never knew who was out around their driveways,” allowed Buckle. “Now everybody has cameras, and so when you’re in bed and you’re asleep you don’t know who’s out there until the next morning when you may sit down and look at your phone or look at your camera and see that there was someone out there. Knowing that there was someone at their back door while they were sleeping is not a very good feeling.”

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