Buckle tries to advance the ball on soccer field maintenance

By Craig Westcott
September 29, 2023 Edition

Holyrood councillor Curtis Buckle is urging his colleagues to come up with a plan on the quick to make sure the town’s soccer field is made ship shape for next season.

“We need to, sooner or later, and we discussed it before, is look at what we’re going to do with our soccer field in regards to fertilizing and liming, and maintenance and upkeep” said Buckle. “Because the grass over there is after going downhill this summer, you can see it. And that’s a big area of grass and I don’t think we should let it go too far that we can’t bring it back. Now is the time that we need to reach out to Robert (Stacey) with public works, or however we go about it – reach out to some contractors that (can) look at liming and fertilizing… I think we should really reach out, because it would be a sin to lose the grass. It is taking a hit over there, and if you drive by you can notice it. So, I really think this is something we should move (on) sooner than later and figure out the numbers and have it in the budget and let’s get it looked after and keep that area green.”

Holyrood, the provincial government and the federal government cost-shared upgrades to the field to the tune of some $720,000 with each of the three levels of government paying one third of the cost. The facility includes washrooms and a walking track, as well as an improved parking area.

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