Bay Roberts gives the green light to revised subdivision plan

By Mark Squibb / September 29, 2023 Edition

Bay Roberts council approved, in-principle at least, a five-lot subdivision off Crosbie Road near Bay Roberts Primary School during this week’s public council meeting.

Town CAO Nigel Black said the subdivision had gone through a number of revisions before arriving at its current state, and council had granted approval in principle to a former iteration of the development.

“It’s already received an approval in principle, but the developer has changed their design, changed their plan, regarding the number of lots they want, and that sort of thing,” said Black. “I think initially it was a six-lot subdivision, then they had looked at making it an eight-lot subdivision, and we did give approval in principle for that, and they’ve now come back with a revised plan for a five-lot subdivision, serviced similarly to how it was serviced in the previous version.”

Black recommended council approve, in principle, the new subdivision plan pending the developer agreeing to the Town’s standard subdivision policy. Full approval won’t be granted until the developer provides engineering drawings and confirmation of water services.

Councillor Frank Deering asked whether there were any different regulations applying to an eight-lot subdivision and a five-lot. Black said that generally the requirements are the same, however once a subdivision exceeds six lots, council can require a developer to install a sidewalk. In this case, council hadn’t required the developer to include a sidewalk in the design as the subdivision would have linked up to a road that doesn’t have a sidewalk.

Furthermore, Black said he thought the reduction in lots was due to an increase in lot size.

The subdivision will include its own fire hydrant.

Council approved the motion unanimously.

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