Chanterelle petition arises before council

By Craig Westcott
September 22, 2023 Edition

Some residents of Chanterelle Drive, off Fowlers Road, are calling on the town council to spruce up their neighbourhood playground.

Ward 1 councillor Shelly Moores, who represents that part of CBS, presented a petition from the residents at Tuesday’s public council meeting.

Mayor Darrin Bent thanked Moores for presenting the document and said council would “make it part of the record,” adding, “of course we are doing  a review on playgrounds, so that will form part of that.”

After the meeting, Moores said some 104 people signed the petition, which asks council to make upgrades to the park.

“I don’t know if you’ve seen that park recently, but one of the teetertotters is damaged,” said Moores. “There were two there, but one had to be removed, and one of the swings had to be removed. The Rec Department is currently going through all the playgrounds in CBS and I know Chanterelle is top of the list to get upgrades. But we’ve obviously got to wait for the budget for that to get approved. It’s a great playground but it definitely needs upgrades, so we’re hoping that we can help them out.”

Moores said the person who started the petition, Maria Young, indicated the reason there were so many signatures from parents and grandparents is because there are so many children in the area who want to play there. 

Moores said there are a fair number of playgrounds throughout town, which is why staff are reviewing them. 

“As you can imagine, some of them have been outgrown,” she said. “What I mean is there are no longer kids in the area to use them, so we’ve talked about turning those into green spaces. But then in areas like this (Chanterelle Drive), obviously we’d like to be able to upgrade the playground.”

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