New bridge for Seal Cove in CBS capital works deal with Province

By Craig Westcott
September 15, 2023

CBS council has voted to accept a cost-shared capital works funding deal from the Province worth some $10.2 million in construction over the next several years.

Deputy Mayor and Ward 2 councillor Andrea Gosse put forward the motion to accept the deal, which will see the Province borrow some $5.6 million for its share of the work and the Town borrow just over $3.73 million for its portion with all the projects to be completed by 2026. The remaining difference of just under $1 million represents the value of HST rebates on the projects.

The list of projects includes $2.6 million for the replacement of Seal Cove bridge; $3.25 million for Phase 49 water and sewer work; $2.42 million for street paving and upgrades throughout town; $200,000 for a stormwater management plan; $1 million for water and sewer upgrades; $300,000 for upgrades to the Recreation Complex in Long Pond; and $500,000 for a sanitary sewer assessment.

Phase 49 of the water and sewer program will see a water line extended to Stage Head Road in Seal Cove, and water and sewer lines installed on Caseys Road in Upper Gullies, Braeside Lane in Long Pond, Dicks Place in Long Pond, and Craigs Lane in Kelligrews. The stormwater management plan is for Kelligrews River and Red Bridge Road. The upgrades slated for the existing water and sewer system are slated for Chaytors Road in Chamberlains and Atkins Road, Manuels. The upgrades to the Rec Complex include new change rooms and washrooms.

“It was a list that was approved by (the provincial Department of) Transportation and Infrastructure, and it’s going to be a combination of water and sewer and roads work, there’s a bridge in there (too), so stay tuned, there’s lots of work upcoming in the next couple of years,” Gosse said. 

“These projects usually come out every three years, basically, that’s the way it’s been for the last while,” said Mayor Darrin Bent. “And of course, this is the first one that’s come out for this council and we’re happy to see it. You’ve noted that the $5.58 million is the Provincial share. We top that up on some of those projects, because some of them are (cost-shared) 70/30, some are 60/40, and so the residents are going to get around eight to nine million dollars in work done… So, this will keep us going in that work next year and the year after and it’s great to see it, and I’m pleased that it came in a timely manner so we can continue with the work that we’re doing seamlessly starting next year again… We’ll take the free money.”

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