Changes to Lift Station job results in savings for Paradise

By Mark Squibb / September 15, 2023

Project change orders almost always mean an increase in costs, but Paradise council found itself on the receiving end of a substantial credit after approving a number of Lift Station No. 10 change orders last week.

Councillor Deborah Quilty made the motion to accept the three change orders that resulted in a net credit of nearly $80,000.

The first change order, she explained, was for a variety of items during the excavation and design phase, and included a concrete mix design credit, water proofing membrane credit, and additional credits for shoring and ground retention. All told, acceptance of the change order resulted in a net savings of $52,900, HST included.

The next change order was to replace PVC pipe with alternate iron pipes, a substitution Quilty said was recommended by the prime consultant. The move will result in a net credit of $41,683, HST included.

The third change order related to two specific air release valves and didn’t result in any savings, but rather additional costs to the Town. The overall cost of switching the valves will be $16,317, HST included.

Quilty noted the remaining five valves are not included in the current construction contract, and will be part of future work on the force main outside the lift station.

Approval of all three change orders will result in an overall net credit of roughly $79,000.

“And those credits are what I like to see,” summarised Quilty.

She noted staff are being kept informed of the progress, and more change orders may be brought forward.

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