Feds find funds for Paradise to upgrade Kenmount Road

By Mark Squibb / September 8, 2023

The federal government will be gifting the Town of Paradise over $2 million to complete upgrades to Kenmount Road.

Council applied for funds under the federal governments’ Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) program to complete Phase 1 of upgrades to Kenmount Road in November 2022, in the amount of $3.58 million.

Councillor Elizabeth Laurie, during this week’s public meeting, said that funding was approved at a cost-shared ratio of 70-30, leaving the Town on the hook for $1.08 million.

“Kenmount Road extension is used regularly by many residents and visitors alike and serves as an important connector,” said councillor Larry Vaters. “So, upgrading a significant portion of this road is much needed and will provide the motoring pubic with a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.”

Councillor Patrick Martin was pleased as well. “This is fantastic news for the town, to secure such a large amount for funding for such a heavily travelled road, which is probably, in my opinion, besides Topsail Road, the most travelled road that we have in the community,” said Martin. “It’s the gateway to our business sector, where we’re continuing to grow. And so, this is fantastic to see.”

The motion to accept the deal passed unanimously.

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